Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! The experienced Brunch(s)in family knows this well...

and thus, having invested in the creation of a warm, modern and at the same time highly aesthetic environment, aims at the complete experience of comfort dining brunch.

The specialization in brunch is also seen in the opening hours which are 8:30 am. until 5:30 p.m. offering a balanced work-life balance.

Brunch(s)in has a specialized product range with a focus on brunch, tasty and imaginative dishes, as well as quality product options that satisfy even the most demanding customers. The loyal community of Brunch(s)inners still chooses the hearty meals and the welcoming and warmly decorated store space, making Brunch(s)in’s proposition stand out in the competitive dining space.

Brunch(s)in has proven to be more than a pleasant place with good food – The comfort of the space, the variety and creativity of the menu, as well as the impeccable service provided by its qualified team, offer the consumer a holistic gastronomic experience of high standards.

With extensive experience in catering and restaurants in Canada, the Brunch(s)in family knows how to run an authentic brunch restaurant. Having studied the foreign market, as well as the GR market, the now experienced team of Brunch(s)in, led by Spyros Taskos, wanted to fill the gap they identified in the GR market, creating a specialized concept that focuses exclusively on the brunch experience . With an emphasis on the overall experience, from the quality of the ingredients, the production process and the taste, to the impressive setting of the dishes, and the formation of the menu, the concept of Brunch(s)in follows the market trends, responding to the needs and “wants” of the modern consumer.

Want to join the Brunchsin family?

Franchise Package

  • Brunch(s)in has all the necessary features to exceed the challenges in its category, becoming a successful business proposal in catering.

  • Specialized product range with a focus on brunch. Quality coffee, tasty savory options such as burgers, bagels, omelettes, eggs benedict as well as a wide variety of sweet options such as pancakes, which can be consumed from early morning to late afternoon.

  • It has a strong identity with strong elements of differentiation.

  • It appeals to a loyal, constantly renewing audience that has a need to participate – belong to a community and have its own hangout.

  • Exclusivity is offered in the proposed area which entails maximizing and ensuring the dynamic development of the future partner.

  • Simple, flexible and functional business model.

  • Service speed, greater productivity, less specialized staff and lower food cost.

  • Integrated and continuous training for the network of stores across the entire spectrum of operations.

  • The strategy and branding of Brunch(s)in is defined, adapting the available tools for the development, promotion and promotion of the future stores.


Audience / Goal

People of all ages, friends, groups and families enjoy Brunch(s)in’s hearty meals, all hours of the day. In the welcoming and modernly decorated space, customers have the opportunity to choose between the rich weekend brunch, the daily afternoon coffee, or continue with a complete comfort dinner, accompanied by a refreshing cocktail, taking off the experience. It’s no surprise, then, that a large community of “brunch(s)inners” has been created who choose to return to their haunt again and again!

Franchisee profile

It is not a prerequisite for the new franchisee partner to have previous experience in the catering industry. Passion and appetite for work, participation and contribution to the Brunch(s)in community, as well as the desire for continuous development, make up the necessary qualifications that will accompany the new franchisee on his business journey. The Brunch(s)in team will constantly be at the side of the new franchisee partner, who will follow a comprehensive initial training program. Through franchising, all the know-how, experience and knowledge in the field of catering is ensured and thus, the new partner is given the opportunity to become part of the philosophy and concept of Brunch(s)in, investing in a proposal that will lead him to profitability!

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